Requirements to be a SKY Rides Associate





You must be at least 18 years old* with a valid US driver’s license with at least 1 year driving experience to apply to be a SKY Rides Travel Associate.



Driving Records


Every potential associate is required to undergo both driving and background criminal record check. In addition to that social media check will be conduct to compromise the safety and community standards. SKY Rides reviews the results off the above checks and individuals who fail to meet the standards set by local regulations and SKY Rides regulations will be disqualified.

SKY Rides uses a third party to check every potential associates driving records. Following will be considering as ineligibility to dive with SKY Rides.

  • A major moving violations in the past 3 years. (eg. Reckless driving, driving on a suspended license etc.)
  • More than 3 moving violations in the past 3 years. (Eg. Accidents, traffic light & stop sign violations)
  • A DUI or other drug related driving violations
  • Any driving-related conviction (eg. Hit and run, felonies involving a vehicle etc)



Background Check


All associates are screened for criminal offenses and driving incidents. Criminal background check is provided by a third party and includes national and county level databases. In any case of necessary, SKY Rides will get the help from local authorities for the check the records. Following are the ineligibility factors for driving with SKY Rides, if records under your name in last 5 years.

  • A violent crime
  • A Felony
  • A drug related offence
  • A sexual offence
  • Theft or property damage offenses.



University Information


All potential individuals who apply to be an associate has to be a current student of the recognized university, and will required to submit the copy of University ID to the SKY Rides to comply with the SKY Rides standards. And will be required to submit the program information, including the university email address.



Vehicle Requirements


Driver’s License, License plates and insurance

SKY Rides travel associates must have,

  • Current and valid driver’s license
  • Valid license plate with registration
  • Current valid auto insurance with your name on the policy.



Smart Phone


SKY Rides Travel Associates must have a smart phone in order to drive with SKY Rides, with active cellular connection. SKY Rides does not support tablets or Wi-Fi only devices. Current app requirements are for an iPhone 4 or newer running iOS 7.0+ ad Android device running 4.0+




SKY Rides vehicle standards


We SKY Rides carries high safety standards in our service platform. All vehicles working in the SKY Rides platform must comply with the following vehicle requirements.


1. Vehicle Age:


All vehicles must be manufactured after year 2006 (manufactured within 14 years). Our median vehicle age is 2010



2. 4 Doors:


All SKY Rides vehicles must have four doors that be able to open and close from the inside and outside. Passengers need to be able to lock and unlock their own doors.



3. Break/Suspensions/Axels and Steering


Suspensions/shock absorbers must be fully functioning in their working capacity and shouldn’t make any noises. Breaks must be work properly and should work in their capacity. Axels and steering shouldn’t make any unusual noises and must work properly.

If you asked to fix these, you should fix them with a qualified mechanic and have them preform the appropriate inspection. SKY Rides management representative will meet you and your vehicle and check before you get the approval for the drive with SKY Rides.



4. Engine and mounts


Engine must be working in its fully capacity and must not make unusual noises. All engine mounts must be in good condition to absorb engine vibration and make the ride comfortable and quit.



5. Seat Belts


All seat belts equipped in the vehicle must be functional, and there must be have functioning seat-belts to the passenger capacity defined by the manufactured in the vehicle.



6. Lights


All lights need to function in its fully capacity, including Head lights (high and low beams), Turn Signal Lights (Both sides, front and rear), Tail lights and break lights, reverse lights and interior lights.



7. Body


Vehicle body need to be free of body damage and dents.



8. Tires


All tires need to have sufficient tread and must pass the “Penny Test”. You should perform the penny test and take a picture of each tire and send them as attachment with your application.



9. Windows


Windshield needs to be free of large cracks, and driver side must be free of cracks in order to give good driver’s field of vision. Door windows need to be functional and free of cracks. Side mirrors and rear view mirror must be crack free and fully functional.



10. Wipers


Wipers need to be in good condition and functional to give a clear view for the driver.



11. Horn


Must have a functioning horn



12. Seat adjustment controls


Front sears must be move forward and backward and adjust as passengers’ preference.



13. Tailpipe/Muffler


Exhaust system needs to be within state standards, and lacking modification and excessive wear. Also should not be a noisy.



14. A/C and Heat


Air conditioning and hear need to be fully functional and must be able to adjust the temperature when it is needed.



15. Vehicle Identification Number Check


You must submit the VIN of the vehicle to SKY Rides in order to confirm the safety standards.






SKY Rides maintains a zero-tolerance policy for drug and alcohol for the associates. To report suspicions of intoxicant use by an associate, call/text immediately to 313-580-7005 for critical response line.