SKY Rides Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Are transactions safe in the SKY Rides app?

Yes, We are using the service from Stripe Inc for manage card transactions.  We don’t keep the card details with us. It all carries by StripeTM - the same company and the system that LyftTM uses for their operations. It is well secured, and one of the most reputed online transaction handling company.



Can I cancel the ride when I need?

Yes. You can. If you cancel the request for pre-arranged rides 2 hour prior to your scheduled ride time, you won’t be charged cancellation fee. But, if you cancel the ride within 2 hours window of the requested pick up time, we may be charged cancellation fee.



How safe are the SKY Rides drivers? Can we trust them?

Our Travel Associates (driving partners) are students of your university or nearby university. So they know how you feel about the safety. They have been trained to helping you out to feel more safe with us. Also, we carries an extended background check through their Social Media profiles & from people who know them, in addition to standard background checks. It is not much easy to be our Travel Associate.

Safety, Trust, Reliability, and Affordability are our core values. We are working hard to maintain them and we never let it down!



What if I need to call to actual person working with SKY Rides to solve the questions I have regarding the services etc?

Yes, you can always contact SKY Rides through the contact number in your app. We are available 24/7 for assist you. Also, you can send emails any time during the day. You can join to live chat through our Facebook Page. Our current responding rate to the message is less than 15 minutes. You can contact us through 001-313-580-7005 at anytime of th day.



Does SKY Rides has surge pricing?

No, we don’t. We are carrying same prices throughout the day.



Does airport trips costly?

Not really. Airport rides always carries the fixed price as you see in the fair estimation. It doesn’t change even if you hit traffic on the way to airport or from airport with us.



Why do we have to choose SKY Rides for the airport trips?

Here are some of the reasons.

 We have fixed rates for the airport trips.

We advised our associates to take detours if necessary if the road has so much traffic. That doesn’t affect to the final fare. It would be the same as when you request the ride.

We are always on time to pick you up for pre-arranged trips, so no need to worry about missing flights or scheduled events.

For airport pickups, we are asking flight number and we are tracking the flights and come accordingly to pick you up. No worries when flight got delay.



I have big and heavy bags to carry for my airport ride. Does it fit in the car?

If you are traveling alone, 2 check-in bags and one carry bags are fits into a car. If you need more space you can request for a LG size (6 passenger minivan)-which is also lowest in the category. Also, our Travel Associate who is going to serve you will load and unload your bags to the vehicle. (You don’t have to worry about that)



If my flight is going to be late, do I have to pay extra fees/fare?

Not really. We always ask the flight number and we track the flight for the delays. So you can come peacefully and call the Associate after you collect your bags and whenever you are ready to be picked up. By the way, if you missed the flight, you may have to update it through the app, or by contacting us.




International Student Pickup from DTW



How do I know my sign-in form is submitted and received by SKY Rides representative?

1. Instantly you can see at the bottom of the form (next to submit button) "Form Received". You'll get an email from SKY Rides within 8 hours (most of times within 15 minutes) and if you don't receive anything from SKY Rides, please contact us immediately through email WhatsApp or phone or text 001-313-580-7005.









Where should I get picked up?

The email you get from SKY Rides will explain you all instructions and guidelines. We suggest you to follow them strictly, because of the communication problems we have in between you and us in international traveling. The email will explain where are the locations that you should stay and what time you'll get picked up



Do I have to wait too long at the airport to get picked up?

No, not really. But depending on the arrival of the flight and the immigration process (if you have to go through with) the waiting time may vary. We usually leave at least 30 minutes for the non-port of entry airport pickups, and about 1 hour for the port of entry pickups. Sometimes we keep about 1 and half hour window for the port of entry pickups. But we guarantee the pickup from the airport and you wouldn't experience waiting for about 2 hours in the airport.



Do I have to pay extra for the flight delays?

No, absolutely not. That's why we are asking the flight details so that we can track the flight and come accordingly. However, when some flights arrive too early and if we are engaging in our other arranged trips, we may still follow the same time we promised you to pick up from the airport, depending on the time and situation. If you missed the flight, please contact us asap. And if you don't inform that your flight missing, and if our associate have to come back empty, you may have to pay extra for the time that we spent for you. So please let us know the flight missing right after you found a new flight. And let us know the new flight number, date and time. So we can arrange things for no cost



What if I can't find SKY Rides Associates?

When you follow the instructions, it is easy to find the SKY Rides Associate. And for some people it doesn't work for some reason that we don't know, and miscommunication is taking a huge role in these situations (especially from the travelers side) But we do our best and our associates are parking their vehicles in the parking lot and then go to terminal to find the new students. And in such cases, the passenger may have to pay the additional amount that we have to spend on parking. These things happened only once in a while. So we urge to follow the instructions



Can I trust and depend on SKY Rides for international pickups?

We have experience of picking up more than 160 international students from the airport, that we haven't seen them before. More than 99% of them didn't have US working phone number to contact too. And we were succeeding at the time there are no WhatsApp too. So, we are confident about our capability of hassle-free airport pickups for the international students.



What kind of payments you accepts?

For the international pickups, you can pay by our mobile app (for the mobile app reservations only) or Card or by cash*. You can use activated Forex card without any issue.


*Low cost Card/Cash option is available only for the first time international airport pickups.