As we all know, we are paying really higher price for Auto Insurance in the City of Detroit. Most of us are with Meemic Insurance Company, and we haven't experience any price drop down in last 5 years, even though auto theft and accident numbers are declining in Detroit. We found that Progressive Insurance Company also offer competitive price for Meemic.


So, we though to give a try bargain with Insurance Companies and Agencies to get the lowest price. We are going to do a collective bargaining with agencies and companies to lower rates for the group, and if now we are moving to different agency/company as a group.


We believe the bigger the size of the group will give bigger power for negotiation.


To do that, we need information from you, that will only shared with the insurance companies & agencies.


We kindly request you to take your time to fill the information and submit the form, then we will have information to negotiate with them to have better rates.


Thank you.


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