Special Offers for the period

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Summer Break Special 2020. Airport ride $26 (Car) $32(Minivan).


Use promo code "yay!2020" to claim your discount. Offer valid from April 20,2020-May 25, 2020. Offer is valid only from Midtown Detroit to Detroit Metro Airport (Airport drop) and Metro Airport to Midtown Detroit. (Airport pickup) Schedule your ride ahead of time. Driver will be assigned to you in advanced. Free cancellations up to the last hour. No fees for flight delays for airport pickups. Add the flight number and we'll track the flight and come accordingly.




Fixed rates for Airport rides for Downtown Detroit


$27 (car) $35 (minivan) for Airport Ride. For Airport pickups, add the flight number. We track the flight and come accordingly.


From Midtown Detroit  to Detroit Metro Airport  OR from Detroit Metro Airport to Midtown Detroit . Special rates are effective from December 10,2018 to January 15,2019. Schedule your ride and go!


Free Cancellations*

Cancellation is free of charge for the cancellations made prior to 2 hours of scheduled pickup time. Re-scheduling is free up to 45 minutes of original scheduled pickup time. (Schedule as a new ride and then cancel the previous ride scheduled to avoid cancellation fees for re-scheduling)  See cancellation and no show-up policy here.





WSU-DTW or DTW-WSU Airport Trip- Regular Prices


Airport ride from or to WSU main campus regular prices are $27 in 4 seater and $35 in 6 seater vehicles. However, you can get discount on app with the promo code "Festifall" ($10 off within 5 rides, $2/ride max). This promo code is NOT-VALID with other proportionals even discounted prices shows in the app.



This price is valid only for 2 miles radius distance within the Wayne State University Main Campus, in Detroit.