Special Offers for the period

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$1 off from any ride, unlimited rides!


From June 1st, 2018 to August 31st, 2018 $1 off from any ride. You can claim for this offer for unlimited number of rides during this period.


$1 off will make SKY Rides the lowest rates in Detroit, Michigan*


This will make DTW-WSU or WSU-DTW to $26 in a  4 seater vehicle, and $32 in a 6 seater vehicle.





WSU-DTW or DTW-WSU Airport Trip- Regular Prices


Airport ride from or to WSU main campus regular prices are $27 in 4 seater and $34 in 6 seater vehicles. However, you can get discount on app with the promo code "Festifall" ($10 off within 5 rides, $2/ride max). This promo code is NOT-VALID with other promotionals.



This price is valid only for 2 miles radius distance within the Wayne State University Main Campus, in Detroit.