SKY Rides Commission Structure /How Travel Associates get paid


As SKY Rides is providing a reliable and trusted service and platform to the community to grown and success, SKY Rides takes a commission from total ride earnings to manage and upkeeps the continues growth & cover-up the operational costs.



SKY Rides Share Structure


SKY Rides fare can be categorized in to Mileage based fare, Tip and Total Fare.


Mileage based fare includes the fare from miles you (Travel Associate) drive, fares earned from the time (per minute), and base fare. Total fare is equal to the sum of “Mileage based fare”, “Reservation Fee” and “Tip earnings”


SKY Rides keeps the full amount of the reservation fee from each ride to cover up the costs and upkeep the service platform.

SKY Rides takes 19% of commission from the “Mileage based fare” and 3.5% from the “Tip” (to cover up the transaction fee of the transaction platform. So, our Travel Associates will be entitled to have 81% from their running earnings, and 96.5% of their Tips. Any offers, specials or promo-codes that riders used for the ride are not affecting to the amount that Travel Associates earn from driving.


For the fixed rate trips, SKY Rides keeps $2.50 as reservation fee and 19% from the rest of fare, except for the Tip. As in non-airport rides, SKY Rides is keeping 3.5% from the Tip to cover-up the transaction cost for the tip. We understand the burden of the traffic during the rush times in fixed rate trips. In such cases, we’d happy to reduce the reservation fee to the non-airport rates.


Total Fare is the amount that SKY Rides charges from the Rider.


Also, we are happy to inform you that SKY Rides is the Ride Share company that gives the maximum amount for their crew who drives the people around. And it is not easy task to offer the minimum possible amount to the rides and offer the maximum possible amount to the Travel Associates (but we are doing that!)


And, ALWAYS the first $100 you make with SKY Rides is completely yours. We don't take any commission out of that. It is part of the sign-up bonus. Once you hit first $100 in earnings, you'll start to get more trips.



Sign-up Bonus


You can earn $200 sign-up bonus once you complete 100 rides. $100 will come after completion of first 50 rides and $100 comes after second 50 rides.  Additional bonuses will come with the traffic conditions for the airport rides, and when you have to travel more than 5 miles to pick a rider.