Ride-in-Pool directly from home to office

and office to home


Ride-in-Pool is your environment friendly, stress free affordable daily traveling solution.


Get away from the daily driving to office or college. Instead ride comfortably on the passenger seat. Get picked up from your home and from office* on a fixed time. Get relax on your ride and arrive fresh to office or home.



How this works?


We collect database of people are looking for daily rides from home to office and office to home. Then we match them with people who like to drive to the same destination and arrange them to commute together.

But, No shared driving responsibilities, one person take them all.


If there is nobody to drive and have enough passengers to commute, we arrange our vehicles for the pool as office transportation service.


Share some information with us about you.


Privacy Note: We value your information! Your personal information sending to us here is using for matching purpose only. This information will not publish or expose to any other party outside SKY Rides.


Enjoying daily driving? Join with us to offer rides to our community members on your way to office and earn extra personal income.

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