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“Not another rideshare or a moving company”, but a positive and happy experience promised to our community who happened to be our customers. Started as a trusted rideshare company in Detroit for the university community and expanding the services to the healthcare community along with expedited moving service; aiming to be the no.1 recognized and favorable transportation network service provider for the University and Health Care community in North America

Campus rideshare startup focusing to
Elevating community well-being as the go-to travel & transport choice for education and healthcare.

Progressing towards becoming the most recognized transportation network service provider in the university and healthcare community in Michigan, we, at SKY Rides, offer customizable and dependable transportation-related services to the community. Our services include on-demand and pre-arranged rides, as well as in-town and inter-state expedited moving services.

We have experienced the same moments as our customers and drivers. We understand the joys, struggles, and challenges of college life and being in the hospital. This understanding led us to provide a solution to your problems by offering an enhanced service that is difficult for other competitors to beat.

As riders ourselves, we have all faced the challenge of finding a dependable ride at any time, with the peace of mind of safety. Early morning airport rides have always been a challenge, and it was hard to find a fixed or reliable estimate of the fare. SKY Rides was born in such an environment.

As a college student, our founder, Kasun De Alwis, experienced all of the above. SKY Rides emerged as a solution to personally important problems faced by international students in a new country, where initially there may be limited help available or hesitations to ask for assistance. With his own fears and the hope of providing a better experience for other students, Kasun started offering rides in his minivan to those in need.

As a result, the seed of the college community-based Detroit Rideshare service, SKY Rides, was planted in 2015 as an LLC. Students at Wayne State University benefited from our rides, and the news spread to medical residency candidates and resident doctors at DMC and Henry Ford Hospitals/Health Systems. We recruited new drivers and introduced a mobile app. Kasun, our undergraduate founder, graduated with a business degree from Wayne State University, and changes started to occur.

Despite immigration laws restricting the founder's capacity, SKY Rides continued to help the community. After Kasun's graduation, eased restrictions and the conversion of the LLC into an INC gave us more control and autonomy, which enhanced the quality of our service. We expanded our rideshare services to include moving services for our beloved community. When Sergio Jimenez joined as a consulting partner, we were able to further expand our services by cutting costs and passing on those benefits to our community.

Read what Wayne State University newspaper told about us.

Campus rideshare startup focuses on WSU community | Features |


We understand that our community has a demand for moving services. When you graduate from your program and need to relocate to a different city within the state or even to a new state, it can be a stressful and time-consuming process. That's why we have made the decision to assist our community with their moving needs.


With almost a decade of experience since 2015, we provide expedited moving services at affordable rates that are hard to beat, ensuring trusted and reliable service for our community.

Moving Truck
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