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Don't give up opportunity when there is... 

Drive with us.
Will you?

Start Fresh
Grow your rideshare

Adding a service for your rideshare portfolio or Starting Fresh is never a harm, when there is opportunity.


Defined income and or earn more revenue and profits. More flexibility with scheduled rides and real-time rides 

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Why drive with SKY Rides is different?

Scheduled rides

You have the time flexibility. Most of our rides are pre-scheduled. So you know your scheduled ahead of time. 

Defined earnings

Reliable scheduled rides give us a promise of defined earnings. When we work, we know the outcome.

Pleasant climate 

We are proud to have really nice riders. Nice riders means nice work environment. All well respected and all know the rules. 

Apply to drive
Apply to Drive with SKY Rides

Thanks for submitting!

SKY Rides delegate will email you within 2 days to collect more information to complete the driver acquirement process

What you need to use the Driver App

  • Meet the minimum required age

  • Have a minimum one year of driving experience. 

  • Clear background check

  • Valid driver's license

  • Proof of residency

  • Proof of auto insurance for the car you driving

  • Complete signing up process

  • Provide documents and information needed

  • Getting approval for the car

Download Driver Partner apps 

*To have an approved Driver Partner account/active app, you'll need to submit all documents for the full application. 

Click here to apply on full application 

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