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Multiple options to meet your ride needs

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Diverse vehicle options that suit you.

Cars for personalized travel with a 4-passenger capacity

Airport ride in a minivan in Detroit by SKY Rides

Minivans for spacious travel with seating for six passengers.

We do free upgrades to minivans for the price of the cars when cars are not available for your request.

Flat rates for Airport Rides, schedule in app

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Flat-rate airport pickups. Add flight number in app. Our drivers track the flight and meet you on time.

Non-airport rides designed to charge based on travel distance and time, NOT demand.

We never practice "demand-based pricing" that leaves you uncertain about the rates.


We honor our promise, and we are confident in what we do. That's why we started offering "pay up to $300" to riders if they are unable to make it on time to the airport and catch the flight due to our delays since 2018.

We believe it is our responsibility to forecast the traffic and make sure you get to the flight safely.

Conditions are simple: schedule rides ahead with a minimum of 90 minutes (for domestic flights) or 2 1/2 hours (for international flights) plus regular travel time to the airport when you schedule the pickup time. Get into the vehicle within 5 minutes of arrival for domestic flights and 10 minutes for international flights. We'll take care of the rest.*

Safety is number 1 priority for us. 

Safe drivers with SKY Rides always.png

Safety is the top priority in our community standards, both for riders and drivers.

Our drivers go through a background check, social media check, and you can see the driver's contact details in the app.

We have established two phone numbers and WhatsApp numbers that you can use to reach real-human beings representing SKY Rides in case you need to contact us.

We never share your personal information with other drivers or riders, only with your assigned driver for the trip. We have zero tolerance for misbehavior (which we have never had), and we are always here for you with assistance.

That's how we have built trust over the last decade, serving our community.

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