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Operations and Management Coordinator

Detroit, MI

Our goal is to improve lives of our community by provide dependable service to our clients and make it more convenience by offering most valuable services under one umbrella. 

If you are looking to work on challenging environment and goal achiever to buildup the career in Operations Management, then this will be a good opportunity.  SKY Rides is looking for Operations and Management Coordinators to lead its Operations Assistant Interns, support to and teams to the growth in focused demographics and assisting administration. 


We offer flexible hours, extendable contracts, promotions, and start the career before you graduate from the college.  



  • Junior or Senior level undergraduate in bachelor’s program or higher level in marketing or business major for part time position. Bachelor’s degree in Business Management/Administration or Senior Level Business Management/Administration undergraduate will be requirements for full time position.

  • Majoring in Management.

  • Cumulative GPA above 3.0

  • Effective communication skills in written and verbal communication

  • Organizing, Creative problem-solving skills.

  • Complete tasks without higher supervision and ability to work independently and as a team member and lead teams. 

  • Comfortable with multitasking in a deadline-driven environment with minimal supervisory.

  • Experience in Marketing Field, Research and Developments will be an added advantage.

  • Knowledge in other industries will be added advantage for this position, due to higher level of coordination and interactions with different types of industries and fields and different types of people.

  • Knowledge in Marketing, Econometrics, Statistical analysis, ERP Systems, Service Retailing, Human Resource Management, Urban Economics, Information Technology and data analyzing.

  • Experience and knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Designing promotional materials, publications and events.

  • Knowledge of accounting and accounting analysis, Google apps, amazon AWS, and Apple Developer and Google Play Developer sites, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

  • Problem solving ability, and independent work ethics with leadership skills, effective verbal and written communication with business emails and phone calls.

  • The position will be required driving to remote places with in the state and sometimes out of state. Valid driver’s license and vehicle will be required.

  • Need to have own vehicle, (prefer YOM 2010 or above) and valid driver's license. 

  • May have occasional site visits/company related travel


  • Assist to day-today operations and managerial works

  • Coordinates the user requirements with allocating travel associates to the jobs

  • Coordinate, arrange meetings, and follow ups of the app development process to the management

  • Coordinate and work with the interns in other branches and coordinate the operations between branches and head office.

  • Be a bridge between the top management and the marketing team, R & D team, and accounting teams.

  • Maintain the digital filing system and the company ERP system, with the applications for accounting, cloud storage and sharing.

  • Provide the necessary guide to the social media marketing team and coordinate them with the statistical analysis and forecasting process.

  • Calendar management for the office and other teams and coordinate the necessary marketing events with the management.

  • Coordinate the research for the market information, future trends, and opportunities in new market areas.

Pay & benefits

  • Company related travel will be reimbursed/compensated. 

  • Part Time position -Flexible working hours, 20 hours per week, $15-$18 per hour pay. 

  • Full time position - 40 hours per week work, 48-50 weeks for annual contract, $37,252 annual salary. 


  • Detroit MI

  • Cincinnati OH

SKY Rides is an equal opportunity employer who is committed to have inclusive and diverse workplace. 

Apply for this position

This position is expected to be open in November 2024.

Direct email your application/cover letter, location with your resume to 


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