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The Complete Moving Guide: Tips and Tricks for a Stress-Free Move

Moving to a new home can be an exciting adventure, but it can also be incredibly stressful and chaotic if you aren't prepared. As a moving company catering to grad students, PhD grads, postdocs, resident doctors and fellows in Detroit and the surrounding suburbs, we at SKY Rides have seen it all when it comes to moves - and we've gathered our best tips and tricks to help you have a smooth, successful move in this complete moving guide. Well if you follow us we can add more!

The Complete Moving Guide: Tips and Tricks for a Stress-Free Move. Pick different sized boxes. Heavy things goes to small boxes, light things goes to big boxes

Declutter and Organize

The first step towards a stress-free move is to start decluttering and organizing your belongings as early as possible. Sort through each room and get rid of things you no longer need - donate, sell or recycle items that are still usable, but try to limit yourself to only boxes and furniture that you actually require in your new place. Pro tip: set aside a "garage sale" box as you sort and have a sale later to earn extra cash!

Once you've decluttered, organize what remains by room into "packs" - group together items that will go in the same room at your new place. This will make unpacking so much faster when you arrive. Pack up off-season clothing and items you won't need access to right away to help pare down what you need to keep handy.

Use color coded labels to mark boxes by room - this helps when unpacking in your new place.
Use color coded labels or mark boxes by room - this helps when unpacking in your new place!

Packing Materials and Strategies

Invest in high quality packing supplies - this will protect your belongings safely in transit. Get a variety of box sizes, bubble wrap, and packing paper. U-Haul boxes are very sturdy for packing and can be reused multiple times if stored properly. Avoid overstuffing boxes - medium sized boxes with moderate weight are less likely to break. Wrap fragile items separately and label boxes clearly by room and contents.

Pack a "first night" box with essentials you'll need right away - clothes, toiletries, chargers, snacks etc. This avoids having to hunt through boxes your first day. Also pack a bag with essential tools for move-in day - hammer, screwdriver, box cutter, tape etc. Confirm your move in date with utility companies and transfer services in advance. Update your address with important contacts prior to moving day.

Make sure valuables and important documents come with you rather than on the moving truck - pack these in a safe, secure box that stays with you at all times. Back up computer files on the cloud for easy access at your new home. Take photos of furniture before disassembling - this helps tremendously when re-assembling later.

Movers and Moving Day

Hiring professional movers takes the strain out of moving day. They'll pack and transport your items safely and efficiently. SKY Rides offers top quality movers specially catered to grad students and those in academia or healthcare. Get free quotes for your personalized move!

On moving day, oversee the movers and make sure important boxes are handled with care (if you get moving services other than SKY Rides) - label these clearly. Plan room layout at your new place in advance so movers know what goes where. Walk through the new home yourself first and address any cleaning or repairs needed so it's move-in ready.

Keep tabs on essential tools, first night box, and valuables box - know where these critical items are at all times. Fully secure the new home and double check for damages before movers leave. Tip movers for great service! Provide snacks and cold drinks to make the day easier on everyone.

Settling In

Unpack room-by-room focusing first on essentials like bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom needs. Having boxes organized and labeled by room makes this much easier. Hang clothes in closets right away to get them wrinkle-free.

Make beds with fresh linens and get shower necessities unpacked first thing - this helps you feel at home faster after a long day of moving! Assemble furniture as early as possible. Clean as you unpack, getting rid of extra clutter or packaging.

Have your first night box handy - unpack this first for immediate access to toiletries, chargers, pajamas etc. Update address, set up new utility accounts, explore the neighborhood and meet neighbors early on. Enjoy customizing your new space and settling into your new home!

Additional Moving Tips:

- Label and color code boxes by room for faster unpacking

- Use furniture sliders to move heavy items safely

- Schedule any needed maintenance for appliances in advance

- Measure doorways carefully to ensure furniture fits

- Keep floor plan handy for movers to place boxes correctly

- Research parking and permits in new neighborhood

- Empty out refrigerator fully to prevent leaks or spills

- Dispose of flammable items - don’t pack gasoline, paint etc

- Drain gas from lawn mowers and other machinery

- Schedule mail forwarding several weeks in advance

- Pack supplies like scissors, tape, box cutter for move in day

- Place heavy items in small boxes, lighter items in big boxes

- Use suitcases for clothes - easy to access and hang up

- Take photos of electronics and appliances to assist re-assembly

- Keep documents and files organized in one binder for easy access

- Transfer medical and pet records, prescriptions to new location

Moving is always an adventure, but staying organized, making a plan, and getting help when you need it ensures the process goes smoothly. SKY Rides offers customized moves catered to the needs and budgets of grad students, resident doctors, fellows and those in academia. Get your free quote today and let the experts handle the hassle of moving! With the right preparation and support, you can settle easily into your new home.


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